Asian tiger mosquitoes posing a nuisance for New Jersey residents

Protect yourself from the wave of Asian tiger mosquitoes this summer with a bug zapper from Today's Concept.

Entomologists and insect control agencies have spoken at length about the prevalence of mosquitoes likely to hit New Jersey this summer. Now that the season has begun, it appears that not only was their prognosis true, but things may even be worse than they thought. Experts are saying that the biggest threat to New Jersey residents in the coming months will be the Asian tiger mosquito.

As local affiliate ABC 7 reports, the black-and-white striped Asian tiger mosquito – first discovered in New Jersey's Monmouth County in 1995 – has been a persistent annoyance to residents due to their preference for daylight hours and human blood.

"The Asian tiger mosquito is an extremely aggressive insect that has largely supplanted japonicus [an insect that feeds mainly on birds] since 2008, especially in urban and suburban areas," Eric Green, a mosquito control officer for Passaic County, tells the source. The threat is compounded by the fact that the Asian tiger mosquito is a known "efficient disease vector, especially for West Nile virus" and their adaptation to the climate makes them increasingly difficult to weed out.

"This is an extremely obnoxious nuisance mosquito," Claudia O'Malley, a biologist with the state mosquito control division, says. "It is impossible to control without concerted effort by homeowners in eliminating the breeding habitat."

Those efforts entail dumping and eliminating any spots on your property that may be gathering water, which serve as the ideal breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

Of course, clearing out your yard of any standing water that attracts mosquitoes won't eliminate the threat as long as others in the area don't follow suit. To protect yourself, invest in one of the many bug zappers we offer at Today's Concept, such as the Stinger BK 300, which guarantees an effective barrier against mosquitoes for up to one-and-a-half acres. For more information, visit our online store today.

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