Find the right mosquito zapper for your porch

Spend time outside without the threat of mosquitoes.

For many of us, hanging out on the back porch is one of the most enjoyable parts of the summer season. After all, where else can you relax with a cold drink, read your favorite book and soak up the sun without actually leaving the house. But every time the weather gets warm, the population of mosquitoes exllodes and threatens to ruin the pleasant aspects of this season with itchy bites and the risk of potentially deadly diseases.

Because of these awful pests, many of us stay inside when we would rather be out relaxing in the sunshine and enjoying a cool breeze, venturing out only when we've been appropriately coated in toxic bug spray and staying outdoors for only a little bit of time. 

But if you have a mosquito zapper or similar baiting device, you won't have to worry about these bothersome insects ruining your summer. Simply hook the device up near your porch and allow it to work by attracting and then "zapping" the bugs so that they can't ruin your evening anymore.

The problem with some zappers, however, is that many of these apparatuses were designed for use in a back yard and might be a little too powerful for your porch, since you're not looking to attract every winged pest in the neighborhood – just the ones bothering you. 

An easy repellent like the ThermaCELL Outdoor Lantern will provide a natural mosquito deterrent powered by a butane cartridge and give your porch some light. This is the perfect solution to a smaller space like the porch, providing a 15 x 15 foot comfort zone, and it operates on AA batteries, making it very low-maintenance. 

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