Giant mosquitoes descend on Florida

As "giant" mosquitoes appear in Florida this summer, you can defend yourself with the Stinger MK100 bug zapper.

As we've discussed in this blog before, this summer is gearing up to be a particularly bad season for mosquitoes in the United States. But entomologists predict the worst of it may be coming to Florida, as a wave of purported "mega mosquitoes" have emerged in the Sunshine State, notably in Central Florida. 

According to Click Orlando, a local news affiliate, these insects – known as gallinippers – are 20 times the size of a normal mosquito, leave an especially painful bite and reportedly feel like a small bird when landing on the skin. The outbreak seems to have occurred mainly in Seminole County, where Mosquito Control director Kelly Deutsch attributes the gallinippers' appearance to the recent rains brought on by Tropical Storm Andrea. 

Although gallinippers aren't known to carry harmful viruses, entomologists warn that despite only being as tall as a quarter, they are "notoriously aggressive" and "can bite right through your clothing." Homeowners are urged to take measures in draining standing water in their yards in order to help curb the spread of these mosquitoes.

You can do your part in protecting yourself and your family from the onslaught of mosquitoes this summer with one of the many bug zappers we offer at Today's Concept. Consider the Stinger MK100, which utilizes a potent combination of black light, octenol​, and lactic acid scent, color, heat and contrast to lure in and kill mosquitoes. This nontoxic violet light draws in the insects and a powerful vacuum fan eliminates them. Using up to five different attractants, with an effective span of up to a half acre, the Stinger MK100 will provide you guaranteed and long-lasting protection from mosquitoes all summer long. For more information, visit our online store today.

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