In preparation for the summer, I ordered a mosquito zapper for my front porch

I can't wait until I can spend more time outside because the weather is warm.

During this part of the winter, it is typically impossible to think of anything but the coming spring. Though I wade through inches of snow every morning on my way to the bus, I still can't help but feel hopeful every time I notice the slightly extending daylight, or the fact that the sun is now powerful enough to warm my shoulders even in the sharpest of winter winds. 

So, even though it's only February, and I know I'm probably jumping the gun a little bit, after I returned home from work yesterday, I found myself walking out to my back porch, taking stock of the area, and thinking about the furniture that I would put here during the summer. Then I started to remember how mosquitos are particularly prevalent in my area and got worried about the fact that they might hinder my ability to spend time outside in the nice weather. 

Not sure what to do, I returned inside and got to thinking. It didn't take me long to remember that when my family goes camping during the summer, we typically bring mechanical mosquito zappers along with us, and have found them to be very effective at keeping these obnoxious – and potentially dangerous – bugs away. 

Since I already know how useful this product is, I didn't hesitate to get online and order one that I could simply keep on my porch for the duration of the summer. I know it's early, but I can't wait until I have to think about ways to keep bugs away all the time, rather than attempting to keep myself from freezing in the February tundra. 

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