Key features of the Stinger UVB45 Ultra 1 Acre Outdoor Bug Killer

Stop mosquitos dead in their tracks with a safe and effective mosquito zapper.

Especially down South, we're gearing up for a particularly bad year in terms of mosquitos and other pests. Due to the unusually warm winter combined with high amounts rainfall, parts of the country are already showing larger than usual populations of mosquitos. Experts are saying that a few heavy rains can make the mosquito population explode even further. 

Naturally, vigilant homeowners don't want to subject themselves or their families to the danger and nuisance of these insects. Therefore, many individuals are taking time to invest in pest repelling devices. Those in search of protection for their entire backyard often choose the Stinger UVB45 Ultra. 

The UVB45 Ultra includes a 40-watt ultraviolet black light that attracts and eliminates a wide range of flying bugs. Though this tool is small and relatively low-cost, this bug killer from trusted brand Stinger is so powerful that it can remove insects for up to a one-acre radius. 

This insect repeller requires no assembly and it is easy to replace the bulb. Best of all, it is safe to keep it running all day so it will protect you while you're working in the back yard and when you have the neighbors over for a cookout. The Sundown Sensor mode will be sure to get your Stinger UVB45 into high gear during dusk, which is prime time for mosquitos. 

This anti-bug lantern comes with a nylon cord for installation and can be plugged into any 120-volt electrical outlet. And no matter what, you'll know you're covered by the three year limited warranty. Don't take a chance on West Nile virus and other harmful risks of mosquitos. Instead, do what you can to easily and naturally protect your family from harm. 

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