Make sure you have enough repellant for the whole summer

Enjoy a summer free from bugs with the Thermacell Summer Pack.

With the weather getting warmer and more tolerable every day, now is the time to decide to be proactive about the pest problem that you know is going to arise in your backyard. Scientists are already predicting that it will be a record summer for mosquitoes in a number of states because of the unusually warm winter that these areas experienced. 

Especially if you live near standing water like a pond, lake or reservoir, you can all but guarantee a bad summer in terms of bug bites. But there's no sense in letting these nasty pets and the threat of their annoying bites and the diseases they bring keep you inside all season. Instead, make the proactive decision to use a product like a mosquito zapper to keep these nasty insects away before they become a problem. 

Thermacell makes an entire line of incredibly effective and inexpensive options for repelling bugs. Though they work in a number of different styles, these use butane-filled cartridges that naturally confine insects out of a designated vicinity. No matter which one you have, you'll eventually need to refill the butane cartridge that allows it to work. 

That's where the Thermacell Summer Pack comes in. This innovative package contains 10 butane cartridges so you can enjoy a wonderful summer without the worry of a bug in sight. Each cartridge can last up to 12 hours, and with a package of 10, you can afford to install a new one each time you head outside if you wanted to. It's amazing what you can do with 120 hours free from horrible buzzing mosquitoes. 

Don't wait until the insects have made your backyard their home. Instead, do something about it before it becomes a problem. 

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