Mosquito zappers are essential for camping

I love the mosquito zapper my sister gave me, it keeps the bugs at bay.

Every year, my family goes camping. Though it started while my sister and I were children, we still go every summer because it’s great to spend some time outside and, without all of the distractions that technology brings, we get to catch up and bond with one another more than usual.

When my sister and I were teenagers, my dad implemented a no technology rule on the trip. He and my mom brought their cell phones along in case something happened, but kept them switched off at all times so that they weren’t tempted to use them, while my sister and I were told that we couldn’t bring ours at all. Being teenagers, we protested, but it was nice to spend some time away from the laptops, cell phones and televisions that we always have on hand, and get some quality time with the family in. 

Now that my sister and I have grown up and moved out of the house, we all still follow the tech embargo because it’s nice to get away from it all. But last year, my sister brought along a piece of technology that was welcomed by all of us. Before she left for the trip, Shannon purchased an electronic mosquito repellant device for each of us. 

Rather than coating ourselves in toxic bug spray, this electronic device sends out a signal that makes mosquitos stay away. The one that she gave me worked so well that I came home from the end of our weekend-long camping trip without a single bite! I love mine so much that I take it with me whenever I go out during the summer, just in case. I’m definitely going to bring mine along again when we go on our camp out this year. 

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