Mosquito zappers are perfect for the beach

Her beach vacation wasn't ruined by mosquitoes, luckily.

Last week, many area schools were on vacation. Because my sister Shannon is a high school teacher, she was able to take advantage of the week off and go to the beach for a little while. Naturally, I was quite jealous, since the snow and extreme cold of this winter are wearing on me, and I'm ready to spend a little time in the warm weather.

Shannon was able to get a good deal on a trip to the tropical island of Jamaica, which is a lovely place to vacation. She said that she loved the relaxed, reggae music and culture of the location, and had a great time on the beaches, miles away from all of the troubles of her hometown and job. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Jamaica has very few cases of malaria reported every year, but since this unfortunate disease is spread by the mosquito bite, they recommend that everyone carry pest-repellant with them at all times. Shannon took the CDC's recommendations, not wanting to tempt fate, and brought some bug spray along with her. 

She told me when she was giving me a synopsis of her trip that she also brought her mosquito zapper to keep the bugs away for good. I thought that the idea was a smart one, since these electronic pest-control devices are very portable and don't bother the person who has them at all. 

Though I'm not sure if I have a tropical vacation in the cards any time soon, I will definitely keep it in mind that mosquito zappers are a convenient way to prevent awful bugs and the diseases they spread. Shannon told me that she didn't get bit at all while she was away. 

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