New Jersey residents should consider mosquito zappers for post-Sandy insect swarm this summer

Hurricane Sandy has primed New Jersey to be a breeding ground for mosquitoes this summer.

Hurricane Sandy battered New Jersey into one of the worst natural disaster crises in its history. But while New Jersey residents have picked up the pieces of their lives and rebuilt their beachfront and boardwalks to look forward to another enjoyable summer, the storm has unleashed another way to wreak havoc on the state: Mosquitoes.

Last fall, Sandy ripped a path of destruction, uprooting trees and leaving behind both large holes and tiny nooks and crannies in the ground. These holes have been consequently imbued with pools of standing water, which can serve as ideal habitats for mosquitoes, especially those carrying the West Nile Virus.

With mosquito season set to begin next month, the Mercer County Mosquito Council is mobilizing workers in full force to destroy any potential breeding grounds for the insects, including bird baths or old tires that may be collecting water inside. 

Of particular concern is the Asian tiger mosquito, a potential carrier of the West Nile virus, which council superintendent Ary Farajollahi describes as having become the biggest pest in the state in recent years due to residents' preference to have water features in their yards.

While local and state employees work to curb this outbreak of mosquitoes and potential diseases, you can help yourself and your family this summer by looking into one of the many bug zappers we offer at Todays Concept. Our Stinger BK300 1 1/2 Acre Outdoor Insect Killer is scientifically proven to attract and kill mosquitos within a radius of 1.5 acres. Using a UV black light — demonstrated to eliminate up to 40% more insects than those that use white UV lights — the BK300 is exactly the kind of defense your home will need against this seasonal mosquito wave. 

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