Struggling to deal with cicadas? A bug zapper may be able to help

If you fear the cicadas, a bug zapper can help.

Every 17 years, the ominously named Brood II of cicadas invades the Northeast from Washington D.C. to Connecticut. Swarms of these bugs come up out of the ground to mate and give birth to a new generation of the curious insects, which will then go back underground, not to return for another 17 years. Scientists aren't sure why this particular brood of the species comes up after this many years, or how all of the bugs know to emerge at the same time, but the results can be dramatic when it happens. 

Though there are people who find the process fascinating, many others are terrified of cicadas, which invade trees and make mating sounds in order to attract one another. If you're feeling overwhelmed by their presence in your back yard, perhaps a bug zapper is the solution  for you. 

These devices are indiscriminate in the types of insects that they attract, so while they're most commonly used to reduce mosquito populations, they are also effective with cicadas. 

If you're seeking a reliable way to quell your fear of these pests, the Stinger MK100 7 Watt 1/2 Acre Bug Zapper with Sundown Sensor might be just what you need. This product has been specially designed to attract and zap insects within a 1/2 acre perimeter of your house, meaning that you can breathe easy while the cicadas are in town. 

You won't be able to find a reliable Stinger product like this one for a better price. Today's Concept is able to give you access to this incredibly reliable insect killing device for a huge discount over the list price. 

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