With the hot weather comes new wave of mosquitoes and a need for bug zappers

As the summer brings new waves of mosquitoes, protect yourself with the Stinger BK100 bug zapper.

The start of summer brings the kids out of school, families out to the beach and -  to the annoyance of everyone outside - mosquitoes. This year may be an especially bad summer for insect outbreaks, with experts saying weather conditions are just right for wave after wave of mosquitoes. 

Dragon Mosquito Control is a New England organization devoted to preventing the spread of these insects and the diseases they carry. The company's owner, Sarah MacGregor, told the Eagle-Tribune, a regional news publication, that her team discovered a sharp increase in the amount of mosquito larvae over the past week, due to the combination of dry weather, a heat wave and heavy rains on June 2 and 3. Over the 90-degree weekend, Dragon Mosquito Control teams used larvacide to curb the explosion in mosquito larvae activity.

"We saw a pretty rapid development in the population," said MacGregor. "The life cycle of the larvae is usually seven days. But, due to the extreme heat, it was about five days this week." 

While these larvae had not yet hatched, MacGregor expects it to happen within a few days. 

"They don't slow down in the heat," she commented.

This is especially troubling for what experts are believing will be a dry summer that typically promotes the spread of West Nile virus.

"West Nile virus is famous for happening in dry years because the water gets really stagnant in catch basins," said entomologist Michael Morrison. "When that happens, culex mosquito populations are really high, so it has us concerned."

You can protect your home from mosquitoes this summer with the Stinger BK100 Acre Outdoor Insect Killer, proven to attract and kill insects within a one acre radius. To learn more, visit our online store at Todays Concept.

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