Cleaning an electric heater is easy!

Make sure that your electric heater is unplugged before cleaning it.

Since my new bedroom is drafty, I recently purchased an electric heater to fend off the forthcoming winter chills. I found out this weekend however, that my room isn't the only one in the house with this problem. It turns out that my roommate Laura has the same issue.

Before heading to bed on Friday, Laura asked me if she could borrow a blanket, because her bedroom was getting cold. I lent her one, and then told her about how I purchased a space heater to fight the chilly air. She loved this idea, and said that she would get one the next day.

Since her parents live nearby, Laura didn't have to buy her portable heater. She was able to borrow one from them. When she brought it back and plugged it in, Laura found that the electric heater was great for warming up her room, but she noticed a strange smell while it was running.

It didn't take long for us to realize that her room smelled strange because the heater that she borrowed from her parents was dirty from spending months in the attic, unused. I told Laura that cleaning it should make the problem go away, then I looked up the best way to clean a space heater.

First we turned it off and unplugged it, then we gave it plenty of time to cool off. Other than these necessary safety precautions though, cleaning her electric heater was fairly easy. I removed the fan's cover and dusted the inside, and then Laura went through and disinfected it, careful to remove nasty grease stains and other problem areas.

When we had finished our cleaning project, Laura turned her electric heater back on. Not only did the smell it was emitting go away, but it was also working more efficiently!

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