How to lubricate your household electric fan

Use a screwdriver, if necessary, to take apart the electric fan.

Summer is approaching fast, and I can't even begin to describe how excited my family and I are. Every year, we hold a neighborhood barbeque to celebrate warm weather, baseball season and more sunlight.

Last year, our barbeque was memorable, not because of how much fun it was, but rather because it was inside. It was so humid outside that we definitely had to turn on the various electric fans we had throughout our home. The only problem was that they weren't working! I couldn't believe my luck, or lack there of.

I spoke to my best friend, Rob, who is an electrician. He told me that these appliances can malfunction if their blades are lubricated regularly. Rob said that to do this isn't difficult. He told me that first, you have to take out the front grill of the fan.

Then, put the fan down on a flat surface with exposed side facing up. Take hold on the blades and slowly lift to remove them. My electric fan had a C-clip, so Rob said I should take that off first before touching the blades.

Rob then advised applying a light non-detergent household oil. As soon as Rob saw me adding about five tablespoons, he stopped me. He said all I needed was one or two drops at each oil port.

Then he explained that I should spray the shaft of the electric fan with a lightweight lubricant. Rob said I should be extra careful to make sure I don't get any in the motor.

The last step was to put the fan back together again. We tested it by turning the appliance on to see if it would work. To my surprise, it was functioning better than it had in months!

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