Humidifier cleaning important for ultrasonic models

Proper humidifier cleaning with simple tools could prevent sickness.

While a house humidifier can have beneficial effects on your family's health when used correctly, these models need to be cleaned frequently or the benefits could quickly be undone. As anyone who's ever looked under one of their children's beds knows, clutter can accumulate quickly when you're not watching. This same idea holds true with a humidifier. No matter how often it's in use, keeping still water in these products can cause microorganisms to grow.

For example, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) indicates that ultrasonic models (those that produce cool mist with the help of ultrasonic sound vibrations), may be one of the types that's most predisposed to the buildup of microorganisms.

This extra maintenance isn't just necessary for ultrasonic models, however. The EPA also indicates that steam vaporizers, impellers (which use "cool mist") and evaporate models may be more susceptible to the buildup of microorganisms.

While the agency says that the full effect of these microorganisms on the health of those in the home isn't known, they could cause sickness in certain instances. As a result, the EPA recommends that homeowners who use these devices clean out their tanks once every three days.

Still, this extra maintenance shouldn't discourage you from buying a ultrasonic humidifier from a trusted online source if you're in need of the energy-saving and health benefits these products can provide. For example, I use the Sunpentown SU-4010 Dual Mist Humidifier due to its easy portability and the quality of its controls.

Other similar models are available online for as little as $50. As such, these products represent a great bargain for those looking to breathe easier this winter.

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