It’s easy to install a manual thermostat

Kate showed me that thermostat installation is nothing to fear.

After a few months of discussion, my friend Kate decided to get a manual thermostat for her house. She and her husband Jim had initially purchased a programmable model that was meant to decrease their energy bills, but they missed having their house at comfortable temperatures.

It seemed that no matter what setting they tried, Kate and Jim were either too cold or uncomfortably hot in their house. Their fancy thermostat was supposed to pick the right climate for them, but these two found that they didn't agree with its suggestions at all.

After much deliberation, Kate and Jim decided that a manual thermostat was their best option. And since they are always diligent about changing the temperature in their house when they become uncomfortable, it wouldn't even cost them that much more on their heating bill.

I was at Kate's house for coffee when her new thermostat came in the mail, and she was so frustrated with her programmable version that she decided to install it immediately. I thought that she must be crazy, since I never attempt these DIY things myself, but Kate is very brave.

She got out the manual, and found that the instrument had to be placed in the location of the old one, making sure that everything matched up. I was surprised to see how easy it was to mount on the wall, but I was still a little skeptical that the device would be in working condition when we finished. Since she followed the directions carefully, Kate's thermostat worked perfectly!

Thanks to Kate's bravery, I now know that I can install my own thermostat if I ever need to.

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