Keep your AC primed for the summer months

Regularly inspect your air conditioning unit to ensure that it's running as efficiently as possible in keeping you cool this summer!

With thermostats reading up to 90 degrees or more, you can be sure that summer is in full swing now. While the hot weather is a great reprieve from the long and cold winter, the heat can become obnoxious in its own right. No one likes sweating in their bed at night while trying to fall asleep. If your home doesn't have a central air conditioning system, consider one of the many electric fans or air conditioners we offer at Todays Concept. Our units are both cost-effective and energy efficient, assuring that you'll be comfortable in spite of the oncoming humidity while keeping your energy bills low this summer.

But to make sure your air conditioners are keeping you cool all summer long, you should regularly perform service checks on your units. Shannon Connelly, with Neffsville Plumbing and Heating, discusses the necessity of keeping your AC under inspection.

"I've been in houses that have been quite hot, you walk in and it's 110 degrees in there" because of improperly used air conditioning, remarked Connelly in an interview with WHPTV.

To make sure your AC is running efficiently, Connelly suggests checking your air filters and making sure that they're clean. 

"Systems we really recommend being checked once a year," Connelly advised. "Keeps it in proper running condition, by keeping coils clean, freon clean and in check."

The Houston Chronicle also suggests setting the right temperature on your thermostat, so that your AC knows how and when to perform, and isn't continuously running all day.

Consider buying a cooling unit like the Haier HPC07XC6 Portable Air Conditioner for your home. With three cooling and fan speeds, and a dehumidifier function, this machine will keep your home cool and humidity-free this summer. Contact one of our specialists at Todays Concept for more information.

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