Price for air conditioning service triples in Florida

Replacing your old air conditioner may be more cost effective, especially if your older model needs a Freon replacement, a new report says.

In a recent post on this blog, I discussed the growing issue of child safety as it pertains to the proper maintenance of air conditioners. In particular, I highlighted one story about a town that had experienced a rash of air conditioning-related theft, with children stealing the Freon inside many of these energy-saving devices for nefarious purposes. And while some readers may have felt that this was an isolated incident, the ramifications of this problem, along with recent changes by the Environmental Protection Agency, are already having an effect in Florida.

According to a March 23 article in The Florida Times-Union, the price of a Freon replacement for a residential or commercial air conditioner has increased substantially since last year. This price rise is due in part to the phasing out of old Freon because of its negative effect on the environment.

The news source indicated that the price jump for Freon, a type of chemical refrigerant that helps convert the hot air in these machines, will affect all air conditioners that were manufactured before 2010.

"What it means is they have tripled to quadrupled their price on Freon for a service call," Tom Karol, a service technician with the Jacksonville-based business Don's Air Conditioning, told the media outlet. "That's a hell of an expense."

Since the cost of Freon is expected to remain high for some time, homeowners who are in the market for an air conditioner may want to consider many of the low-cost new models available from online discount retailers. By looking for a lower price now and securing a more recent model, homeowners can avoid the high cost of replacing an essential part of this system down the road.

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  1. I @DrZarkloff I forgot to reply to your megasse after I posted earlier and would like to repeat my comment. I had an air conditioner man who came over and checked the 3 ton A/C for 1600 sq ft. (inside) of the house. He told me that 3 ton is not big enough because my house is older which was built in 1961 and that I would need a 4 ton to cool the house. Do you think he was right? I was hoping for the best answer before deciding whether to spend another $4,000 on a bigger air conditioner.

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