Rhode Island hospital helps promotes electric heater safety

Rhode Island hospital takes steps to highlight the importance of electric heater safety.

On this blog, I frequently talk about the topic of electric heater safety, especially since these products are growing in popularity as an energy-saving tool due to the rising price of heat. That's why I was pleased to see that one hospital in Rhode Island is taking steps to highlight the issue.

According to a report from Rhode Island news source GoLocalProv, Hasbro Children's Hospital, a pediatric medical facility in the Ocean State, recently published a number of tips that families can use to make sure they are using these devices safely, especially around children.

Representatives of the hospital say they were inspired to issue these tips due to the potentially serious injuries that can result when children are allowed to be around these devices without parental supervision.

"We typically see one or two children coming in each winter with either burns from space heaters, or toxic injuries from exposure to kerosene or gas heaters without proper ventilation," Susan Duffy, medical director of the Hasbro Children’s Hospital emergency department, told GoLocalProv.

The hospital reiterated a number of tried-and-true tips that homeowners can follow, such as reminding owners make sure that space heaters shouldn't be located near potentially flammable items, used to dry clothing or blankets or used before they are checked for damage.

For a full list of tips, homeowners can check out the report here. Those who are considering purchasing a space heater, however, may want to look at the current deals offered by discount websites. Since most of top-quality portable electric heaters can be purchased for less than $100 and contribute to lower energy bills, they can be more than worth the investment when used appropriately.

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