Storing a humidifier for the spring

With spring already underway, it may be time to take out dehumidifiers for summer use.

In my last post, I talked about the proper techniques for safely storing an electric heater. And with spring already in full swing in many parts of the country, it's also time to think about storing small, house humidifiers to make room for the dehumidifiers that are more useful when the warm weather hits.

Last weekend, I stored both my electric heater and house humidifier, and just as with the former energy-saving device, it helps to ensure that device is well-prepared for storage. To start, first empty your water tank or reservoir and rinse the tank with warm water. After giving it a thorough scrub, allow this component to dry.

While the tank is drying, remove the device's current filter. Give the filter a good look. If it seems too dirty, wash or discard the item. (Washing the filter is relatively straightforward, but if it is made of paper you will need to purchase a new one. Plastic filters as well as those made out of other materials can be simply cleaned with household products).

Next, empty any excess water from the humidifier, check the nooks and crannies of the machine to make sure you aren't storing the device with added moisture, as it could cause the machine to be unoperational come next fall. Another step you can take is to disinfect the humidifier. (However, I usually perform this action when taking the device out of storage).

Once your machine is dry, find a cool, dry space to store your humidifier. Closets and basements may be the best, and by storing them in these locations, you can ensure your unit is at the ready come fall or a sudden cold spell.

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