Taking advantage of post-holiday deals

Fixing or replacing items around the house may be easier if homeowners take advantage of end-of-the-year sales.

This holiday season, as many of you are enjoying your new high-tech gadgets, classic toys and holiday gear, others will doubtless be thinking of the many ways they can spend their newly acquired cash.

One of the best ways to spend money, however, is to invest in household products, whether it's replacing old items that need repair or buying a new device that can improve your quality of life while providing a greater return. As such, I'd like to advise readers to think about how their extra holiday cash could be used wisely on electric fans, heaters or air conditioners, especially since post-holiday deals can be among the most attractive consumers see all year.

For example, in addition to shipping discounts and even pricing markdowns, some home improvement stores are offering alternative financing offers that could allow more homeowners to acquire a top-notch new unit.

Some offers I've seen online go so far as to say that consumers won't rack up any interest on these new purchases, provided they make the payment within a certain amount of time and spend over a certain amount. However, I would recommend that consumers use caution when considering this type of option.

After all, simply because interest payments are out of the picture, doesn't mean that consumers should spend outside their previously determined price range. The best option consumers may have is to pursue low-cost items that have been marked down even further.

Those looking to replace an older, broken humidifier, for instance, may be wise to purchase a two-gallon unit if these machines are discounted. In turn, the savings can allow buyers to invest this money in accessories that would have been out of their price range.

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