Tips for fixing a broken air conditioning unit

But, I found that calling someone over to fix my unit would cost me big bucks that I didn't have.

If you are like me, you want to make sure all the cooling appliances in your home are in tip-top shape before summer hits. But, as an air conditioner owner, I find it incredibly frustrating when this piece of equipment malfunctions or turns on unexpectedly.

I used to think I had to rush to the phone to call an electrician. But, I found that calling someone over to fix my unit would cost me big bucks that I didn't have. Another problem I encountered was that the air conditioner would usually break a couple weeks after someone came to fix it.

Finally, I decided enough was enough. I did a little research and discovered that I could take a few steps to repair the appliance myself and stop the device from unexpectedly turning on. Following some simple steps, you can perform this quick fix at home.

First, take a look and check to see if your air conditioner keeps turning off unexpectedly. If this is the case, you may need to vacuum a part of the unit called the coil fins. They can usually be found inside the front cover of the unit or are located on the on the outside of the appliance. Turn off the unit, and very gently and slowly go over the coils with a handheld vacuum. This will help release any debris, dust and dirt that is trapping the cool air.

If you want to take extra precautions to make sure the coils are clean, visit your local hardware store (I'm lucky that mine is right up the street from me). Ask an employee for what is called a fin comb. This little gadget will help straighten out the coils and prevent them from tangling.

If a fin comb doesn't get your air conditioner working as it should, consider purchasing commercial power air conditioner solution. Before applying the solution, remember to dampen the coils. Then, keep the airflow on the coils for a while before washing it off. Make sure not to apply too much water pressure when rinsing off the solution.

Taking these steps should help get your air conditioning unit working in no time so that you and your family can rest comfortably once the heat hits.

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