U.K. man suffers burns after falling on electric heater

Electric heaters can provide energy savings and health benefits, provided they are used correctly and cleaned frequently.

While electric heaters are growing in popularity as energy-saving devices, these helpful tools need to be used appropriately and according to the recommendations of the manufacturers. On this blog, we do our best to inform readers of these incidents so that they can keep themselves and their family members safe while still lowering their monthly bills with electric heaters.

On February 21, an elderly man in the United Kingdom provided an example of how even tried-and-true precautions, such as checking power chords and supervising children around these appliances – are occasionally not enough.

According to reports, paramedics were called to the man's home at 11 a.m., after the 85-year-old was found with third degree burns. The man also reportedly had trouble breathing following the incident. As a result, he was taken to a hospital in Chelmsford, Essex.

A spokesman for the respondents who found the man after taking an air ambulance to the residence described the events.

"The man collapsed on a 'plug-in' electric heater and we believe he rested on it for some time due to the severity of his burns," the representative said in a statement.

Reports say that the man is in life-threatening condition as of February 22, despite the efforts of these respondents.

But, while this example illustrates the extreme dangers of electric heaters, particularly for friends and relatives who have older family members that use these devices to better afford their heating on a fixed budget. By ensuring that this individual knows how to observe proper heater safety tips, they can help him or her avoid an extreme incident such as the one described above.

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